The independent port of Nouakchott, known as the Port of Friendship, established by Decree No. 87-253 of October 15, 1987, is a public corporation of an industrial and commercial nature with legal personality and financial autonomy.

It is subject to the technical tutelage of the minister in charge of equipment to ensure that its decisions are in conformity with the sectoral policy, and it is subject to the financial tutelage of the Minister of Finance to ensure the soundness of his decisions of a financial nature and their conformity with the laws and regulations in force.

The Autonomous Port of Nouakchott is assigned the following tasks:

  • Coordination of all port activities;
  • Develop the port in consultation with the concerned departments;
  • Completion of works related to the preparation, preparation and expansion of port infrastructure, as well as the reclamation of industrial and port areas;
  • Management of the equipment and installations placed under his charge;
  • Monitoring the compatibility between the services provided and the corresponding tariff;
  • Supervision of works, including dredging;
  • Coordinating all industrial and commercial works carried out in the port space, especially storage, berthing, transfer of cargo from one ship to another, handling, towing, piloting, directing and commanding ships, transit procedures and supplying ships;
  • General coordination of all departments and agencies that participate in the management of the port or benefit from its services;
  • Protection of the port environment;
  • Promotion of cultural and sports activities;
  • Supporting sustainable development activities locally on the cultural and social level in the provinces bordering the port.

The port presents its investment program and equipment holdings to the technical and financial trustees within the framework of its annual budget, which is approved by its board of directors.

The port is also responsible for running other services such as roads and other networks, setting traffic lights and lights to guide ships and everything that helps navigation in the area of ​​the port and its entrances, as well as firefighting services, in addition to what it requests when needed from services from outside the port’s perimeter.