Solid bulk


Solid bulk, which essentially consists of: Clinker, Wheat or ore extract

The solid bulk is transported directly, on import, to the deposit areas for the cement works units for the clinker, to the flour mill silos (Mills) in the port area by trucks which receive from the ship the product taken by clusters or cranes equipped with specialized means for this type of handling.

Ore extracts for export, mainly (copper and gypsum), are the most important products in the export structure of the Port of Nouakchott. Copper ore is generally destined for China or Latin America (Mexico, Brazil), gypsum for West African countries: Ghana, Nigeria or Senegal.

For the delivery of the product from the ore site to the edge of the ships, two transport systems are put to the test:

  • The ore extracts (Copper) are initially packaged in 20' containers from the production site (mine), then transported by platform trucks. By a tumbling system, the ore is put in the hold.
  • For gypsum: the product is transported by trucks from the ore site to the Temporary Storage sites, located in the port area, then loaded into trucks, which transport it to the quay to be conveyed for its implementation hold.

The steps to be followed by the receiver or the sender are identical to those of the products entioned above in the context of customs, port and maritime formalities (customs clearance, port law, handling)

The Port of Nouakchott collects a port duty tax (tax on goods) on the tonnage according to the tariff position of the products that make up this group: (Tonnage x Rate) + VAT (16%)


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