Products List

Product listing Description Kind
Livestock feed Oil cake, wheat bran or cereals, etc. Cereals products
Poultry feed    
Other food products Any food product. not listed Food product
Butter Any food product. not listed Food product
Poultry feed All kinds of butters and margarine  
Bitumen Tar, bitumen in all forms Hydrocarbon
Wheat Soft or hard wheat Cereals products
Drink Samba wood, mahogany, any type of wood Forest products
Drinks All kinds of drinks Food product
Shoes Shoes, sandals, boots, other types Clothing
Lime Quicklime, slaked lime Chemical products
Cigarettes, tobacco Cigarettes, cigars, tobacco Agricultural products
Cement White cement , black cement, others Construction materials
Tomato paste Tomato legs Food product
Hides and skins All kinds of leather and animal skins Clothing
Copper (ore) Finished ore Ore
Various products Any product not listed Various other products
Essence All kinds of gasoline Hydrocarbon
Personal effects Furniture, beds, cape, user materials Clothing
Flour Wheat, corn or fish flour Food product
Iron, sheets, angles Concrete iron, jail, angles, metal tube Construction materials
Fruits and vegetables Carrots, turnips, cabbage, bananas, etc. Agricultural products
Fuel oil/ Gas oil Heavy fuel oil, light fuel oil, gas oil Hydrocarbon
Butane gas Bulk or bottled butane gas Hydrocarbon
Glucose Glucose and its derivatives Food product
Gum arabic All kinds of gum, acacia, etc Agricultural products
Gypsum Gypsum: any type Ore
Plaster Plaster in all its forms Construction materials
Sand Sand, silica, any rare earth Ore
Clothing Ready to wear, thrift store, sheets, underwear. Clothing
Edible oil Soybean, sunflower, peanut oil etc Food product
lubricating oil Engine oil, industrial oil, guy grease. Hydrocarbon
Kerosene Aircraft kerosene and its derivatives Hydrocarbon
Milk Powdered milk , cans, cartons Food product
Material equipment Construction and installation equipment Material equipment
Hospital equipment Scanner, Ultrasound X-ray , others Hospital equipment
Onions Red, white onion Agricultural products
Paper Finished paper, semi-finished, cardboard Agricultural products
Detached pieces Engines, tires, accessories and more Material equipment
Fish All categories of fish Food product
Potatoes Potatoes, potatoes, cassava Agricultural product
Chemical products All types of chemicals dgx Chemical products
Pharmaceutical products Drugs, Medical ointment etc Hospital equipment
Rice Whole rice, broken rice, paddy, other Agricultural products
Soap Liquid detergent, powder, laundry soap Chemical products
Semolina Wheat semolina , maize , etc Food product
Starch Tuber starch, tapioca Food product
Caustic soda Caustic soda poured or not Chemical products
Sugar Sugar in bags, cartons, etc Agricultural products
Tallow Animal or other fat for soap making Various products
Tea Green tea, red tea, black tea etc Agricultural products
Fabric Basin fabric, percal, polyester, silk etc Clothing
Mosquito nets All kinds Clothing
Glassware Light, heavy vehicle, etc Vehicles