Traditional commodities


The procedures for conventional goods are very flexible compared to: chemical products, perishables, liquid or solid bulk.

The recipient has, in the event of storage on the ground - full or in the store, a grace period, which allows him to initiate the removal process over an open and non-binding time interval.

For the final receipt of the conventional product, the procedures for the removal of containerized products are also valid for the conventional product as well as with regard to customs, port, state authorities or shipping agents.

The means of transport to be put in place for the operation are mainly delivery trucks owned by private operators located in the port area (Reference link).

The goods are either loaded or unloaded by port labor (Dockers) or by handling equipment rented from handling companies.

The Port of Nouakchott collects a port duty tax (Tax on goods) on the tonnage according to the tariff position of the products that make up this group: (Tonnage x Rate) + VAT (16%)..