Container berth in the port of Nouakchott

The container berth, which is currently under construction, is an integral part of the master plan for the Independent Port of Nouakchott and represents a rare opportunity to develop handling and improve the port's competitiveness.

This facility will enable the port to enhance its competitive position and contribute to supplying the Republic of Mali and the Sahel region in general.

The container berth will be built in the middle of the basin between the northern and southern ports, at a length of about 590 meters, allowing simultaneous berthing of two container carriers, each 250 meters long.

The dock will be established at a maximum depth of -14.50m, sufficient to accommodate a container with a water draft of 13m and carrying 3,500 EVP equal to twenty feet.

The future dock will be equipped with five gates to speed up the unloading of ships, and the cargo will be transported to land (the reinforced floor) directly due to its proximity to the dock.

The berth construction works started in July 2019 and will be completed in March 2021.

The completion rate has reached 25% so far.

The oil berth, designed in a double shape, will enable the direct reception in Nouakchott of tankers with a capacity of 50,000 tons, thus avoiding the fragmented transportation from Nouadhibou currently used, which will reduce the energy bill for the country and secure the supply of Nouakchott and the southeastern side of the Mauritanian territory.