Speech of the general director of the port



The first public commercial port south of the Sahara and a crossroads between Europe,

Africa and the two American continents, the Autonomous Port of Nouakchott known

as the Friendship Port (PANPA) enjoys a very privileged geographical position.

Its location 15 km from Nouakchott, as well as its opening to the 4 main axes of the

country, make it a clear and secure port.

The ideal positioning of this port, combined with its surface area of 14 672 ha,

constitutes one of the major and multiple advantages of this port establishment.

In addition, the Friendship Port (PANPA) has a marked and dredged access channel to

a depth of -15 m, a 2 025 m quay as well as several important and vital services.

In 2021, it recorded an increase of 35.92% in its annual traffic compared to 2020, and

the number of containers handled increased by 2.11% compared to 2020, despite the

Corona pandemic. It is expected that these performances will continue and improve

during the current year and the coming years due to the promising prospects open to

our national economy promoted to substantial growth rates.

The current Management, in collaboration with its partners, is working to implement

an ambitious strategy for developing port infrastructure and promoting services while

raising security levels in order to achieve maximum quality according to the

international standards in this concern.

With the creation of a quay dedicated to containers and an oil station capable of

accommodating vessels with a capacity varying between 40 000 and 50 000 tons, the

dredging and extension of the access canal, the adoption of a efficient policy of

development of the Port's human resources by ensuring adequate continuing training

of staff in various areas, in addition to other major projects currently being prepared

and which will be announced shortly, the capabilities of Friendship Port (PANPA) will

be considerably improved. This is how the General Directorate of the Port hopes to

realize the political will of His Excellency the President of the Republic, Mr.

Mohamed Ould Cheikh Ghazwani and his government by erecting the Friendship Port

(PANPA) in its rightful place as an essential maritime facade for our country and for

the Sahel area in general.

In this context, the General Management of the Friendship Port (PANPA) invites all

operators and economic actors in the public and private sectors to join the Friendship

Port (PANPA) action plan and work effectively to satisfy the wishes of partners and

national and international customers who were willing to make our Port their preferred

destination, while attracting more customers.


                                                                    The General Manager

                                                          Lawyer Sidi Mohamed Ould Maham