Services provided for handling goods

  • After establishing a ship's station, a list of its cargo (incoming or exporting) is placed at the Directorate of Commerce and Marketing, then its information is automatically recorded in the port's information system and coded for billing purposes.

  • Perishable materials and chemicals are usually subject to direct transportation if requested by the customer who bears responsibility for this.

  • The procedures for conventional commodities are very flexible with regard to chemicals, perishables, and non-canned solids or liquids.

  • Non-canned liquid materials occupy a strategic position in the traffic of the port of Nouakchott (about 600,000 tons) annually, and they are the most important source of energy for the national economy.

  • Unpacked solids consist mainly of bricks (raw cement), wheat, and mineral derivatives, and are transported directly, upon import, to the storage area of the cement factories for bricks.

  • Mobile machines are characterized by great flexibility in removing and transporting materials and baggage so that they are not subject to damage or rot. These machines consist of machines with motors, devices, etc.