Port infrastructure


Berths with a length of 1455 meters distributed as follows:

  • An old wharf 585 m long and 47 m wide connected to the land via a bridge 750 m long and 10.5 m wide;
  • A new berth 700m long (450m north side + 250m south side) 69m wide shoveled to shore with a depth of -12.00 to receive third-generation container carriers and 40,000-ton tanks;
  • A temporary oil berth of 150 m long, dredged at a depth of -9.5 m, to receive oil and methane tankers with tonnages ranging between 5,000 and 10,000 tons.

A total of 7 berths + 1 service berth and 1 oil berth in service since January 22, 2012

  • Total land area 14,672 ha, of which
  • Total surface area of ​​land leased 35 ha
  • Groynes and protective dyke over 7000 m to the south
  • Coastal anti-transit wall north of the port