Means of transportation

Transport logistics

At the Autonomous Port of Nouakchott RANFA, there are companies specializing in transport logistics: Such as Mauritania Logistics (Maurilog) Stam Logistique, Sogeco, Sep SA, APM Terminals These companies have a fleet of:

  • Platform Vehicles,
  • Rolling machines
  • Elevator trucks
  • Forks
  • Mighty Cranes on Which South (APM Terminals)
    comply with modern transport standards for the safety of goods.

Pipelines for transporting liquid bulk products (butane gas, hydrocarbon) from the temporary oil wharf to the MEPP tanks, located in the port area.

Main highways

By its strategic position as the first port on the West African Coast, the Autonomous Port of Nouakchott is connected by major roads to the north (Nouakchott-Nouadhibou-Tangier Morocco): 2,772 km, to the North-East (Nouakchott-Akjoujt-Atar-Zouerate):767 Km, in the South-East (Nouakchott-Néma-Bamako (Mali)):1-435 Km and South (Nouakchott-Rosso-Senegal
(Dakar): 556 Km.

The Autonomous Port of Nouakchott has:

Land area: 153Km2 (15-300 Ha) 24.106 Km long in the South and 6 Km wide in the East.

Maritime domain: 103 Km2 (10-300 Ha)

  • Of a vast Portuale maritime domain:
  • Two stores (7,800m2), full spaces, premises for office use and Ateller




The Autonomous Port of Nouakchott PANPA

Located at the intersection of shipping lines linking Europe to South America. North America to South Africa, the port of Dakar, benefits from an exceptional geographical position. This allows ships coming from the North to benefit from a navigation advantage of two to three days compared to other ports on the West African coast.