Perishable materials


Perishable products and dangerous chemicals are generally subject to direct removal following an express request from the customer with a release of liability.

The steps to be followed by the receiver of this type of product are at several levels:

  • Upon arrival of the ship, the consignee or the shipping agent of the ship must inform the port authority of the existence of dangerous chemicals on board so that appropriate arrangements can be made for its transit to the port facilities and that the material means indicated are available for the circumstance: transport logistics and its scheduled route for the final destination or the dedicated area in the event of temporary transit at the port.
  • Take the necessary steps with the customs and port authorities, so that the removal formalities are carried out promptly with all safety measures, especially when it comes to dangerous materials, which necessarily involve:


    • Payment of customs obligations.
    • Establishment and payment of invoices relating to port dues.
    • Establishment of exit voucher.
    • Setting up the indicated transport logistics.
  • Pour les denrées périssables, le réceptionnaire, s’il n’envisage pas stocker, provisoirement son produit aux zones dédiées à ces types de produits pour des raisons justifiées, doit formuler une demande expresse d’enlèvement direct pour ses magasins situé, généralement, en dehors du domaine portuaire (Nouakchott ville) et disponibiliser des camions plateformes normalisés dès l’accostage du navire.

*A port duty (Tax on goods) is collected on the tonnage according to the tariff position of the product: (Tonnage x rate) + VAT (16%).

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